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With no warning I attached five 8Mb files to a message. Where's my reply? One of my providers offers me very limited mailbox space. Huge files may even be deleted automatically. If you would like to send me a file larger than 2 or 3Mb ask and I will provide another email address reserved for large files.
I asked for a price without even including a sample of the document. Where is it? Kindly use my reply mail to send me a sample of the document, especially if it is for certified translation, otherwise there is the bidding form. I cannot invest time in guesswork about documents unless both of us have seen them.
I used to send a question, and got no answer... My answer was sidetracked, and a robot replied with: "This is an automated message from Challenge/Response Spam Protection.
Since your email address is not listed in the users address book or white list, Challenge/Response Spam Protection is temporarily holding your email until you confirm your email address."
My experience with Earthlink and UOL has convinced me these systems are a total waste of time, with blockades to be cleared for each and every message. They do not work as advertised. I recommend you include a phone number of get a Google Gmail account instead. The Gmail filter actually works.
Nobody answered my plea for help with some terminology. I probably tried to answer; my reply was blocked and I found no phone #. Do you use those pestering spam "filters" at Earthlink or UOL? If so the problem may have something to do with that permanent bottleneck on your mailserver. Marketing spammers are a serious problem, but delayed clearances for every single message are not a good solution. My captcha form is only used once by each new customer. I recommend Google Gmail as a free alternative.
My "reply to" email bounced with a link to a mail form. My regular clients get customized email addresses for me which are known only to them. When spammers get hold of my utility addresses I autoreply with a link to the form you only have to use once. The new utility address in the reply will be good for several months. The forms always work.
Não tive resposta Se o seu servidor é o da, saiba que ele atacou e apagou minha resposta.
I used the form and nothing happened. Blank subject lines, gross misspellings, marketing offers, Nigerian frauds, software piracy ads and commercials for pills are automatically deleted. Try the email link with captcha code.
I invited you to join Facebook, Twitter, or something similar... I cannot make a living AND fritter away time on closed-door spam clubs. There are only pi times ten to the 7th seconds in a year. I make websites so folks can find me and an Orkut page for silliness. Try searching for yourself and you'll see those socialwarez only irritate people with come-ons to join.

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