Austin, Texas--Curitiba Paraná
VOICE TALENT We offer fast and economical translation and transcription services into English and Portuguese, plus voice recording in both languages. Three blocks away is a professional studio, for commercial recordings to the most demanding specifications.
Internet recordings Wav, AU and MP3 files we record directly on our PCs using directional microphones. Sound editing software lets us format the sound files as soundtrack for Flash commercials, messages, announcements or audio text.
Bilingual sample International radio codes for the alphabet in English and Portuguese; código internacional de alfabeto em inglês e português.
Bilingual sample 2 Mock immigration court hearing sample snippet in English and Portuguese. I have interpreted over a thousand immigration cases since 1995.
Technical text sample Two paragraphs from the preface of "Einstein Plus Two," by Petr Beckmann.
Short story in Portuguese Outros tempos aqueles. Uma pequena crônica da minha infância no Brasil.
Another short story in Portuguese Uma visita à Laredo e Nuevo Laredo na fronteira mexicana.
Professional Studio Recording In Texas it takes us five minutes to walk to our friendly neighborhood recording studio. We also have in-house sound recording capability. We can always provide a male and female voice in Portuguese.
Networking Online samples in English and Portuguese give an idea of our capabilities. For quick response, cost savings and technical competence in transferring and handling sound files--much larger than text--we are hard to beat. For talent beyond what we have to offer, we will refer you to other members of our trusted network of professional linguists.
Audio Transcription A federal court interpreter with standard cassette transcription equipment is good. We also go one better by adding dictation software for audio file transcription with foot pedal controls. The sound editing software we use for recording handles enhancement (time stretch, volume and clipping adjustment and filters) to extract meaning from imperfect recordings on CD or computer files.
Audiobook recording A chapter from "Prohibition and the Crash," by J Henry Phillips
FAQ Questions and answers relating to voice talent and script recording...
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