Enylton de Sá Rêgo was my Professor
I worked my way through college as a simultaneous interpreter and translator. There I studied physics, calculus, linguistics, Spanish & Portuguese, ethics, economics, Greek & Latin and scientific & medical terminology. My job was to interpret classroom material for many professors and business speakers, amounting to an additional MBA curriculum.
Training and qualifications I have a bachelor's degree in Portuguese/Spanish, passed ATA certification tests from Portuguese and Spanish into English and English into Portuguese, and interpret with no foreign accent. This website includes translation, writing, and voice samples.  
ATA (a translators association)
certification metrics
Only 16% of ATA members claiming to be Portuguese translators have passed either relevant translation test. That's one out of eight. Only one percent of those claimants have passed the Portuguese tests in both the  to and from directions.
Only 11% of those allegedly able to translate Spanish are certified into English (one out of nine).

Less than1% of certified bidirectional Portuguese translators are also certified for Spanish into English. I am in that one percent, yet I charge about the same as other certified translators for the work I do.
Rates Portuguese into English: 2000-8000 words per day depending on format & subject.
Spanish into English: 1500-4000 words per day.
English into Portuguese:
1500-5000 words per day.
Costs vary in proportion to the rate of production. I can quote a certificate at a glance, but a thick engineering document takes longer. In either case I examine the material before I write the bid.
We use DNS Professional For translation I often use dictation software in English and Portuguese, for which I own several licenses. For editable material I also have MemoQ and LogiTerm, Omega T and Archivarius on Mac and PC computers.
Equipment I run several Mac and PC computers loaded with Office-type software, equipped with microphones and sound interface gear.  

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