Phone # or Caller ID Cretins, thimbleriggers, mountebanks, and con artists exploiting minimum-wage telehasslers and burning up other people's life expectancy and fax paper. More...
LOCALDCALL 425-565-8935 A Seattle, Washington telehassler that contrives to display LOCALDCALL on the caller ID, doubtless with the connivance of government-licensed phone oligopsonies. The LP seeks to expose these monopolists to honest competition. Remember that next time you cast a vote.
331-205-8765 Moronic recording shouting about quack nostrums.
An important message IMPERSONATING the government of the United States--another looter come-on repeatedly offering suckers a free lunch at someone else's expense. Opt out and they call all the more often.
Toll-Free Call
Another fake Yellow Pages knockoff preying on the gullible. These jerks have called here at least thirty times so far, mindless recording. Please send in the home address of someone responsible and I'll post it.
George Kaltner
Another moronic recording peddling... If you are in area code 212 report this jerk to the Attorney-General's Office, will you?
Haskell Richard
Another moronic recording peddling a health insurance scam. If you live in Dallas, you might set your modem to dial this number repeatedly every eleven seconds to neutralize this nuisance.
Private Suite 702-520-1247 Phone phishing.
Unknown number
A bimbo's voice announces "I'm sorry, I must've gotten a wrong number." But you can now count on your number being sold to lists of predatory marketers.
321-214-2030 UNKNOWN CALLER in Orlando, FL ringing phone at 04:26AM CST. Florida Attorney-General's office take note.
Atrium 616-980-2990 Telemarketers posing as potential clients. More...
Not Provided 702-736-3099 Cretins playing an offensive recording. This is what government licensing of telephone oligopsonies brings. Report them to your state Attorney-General's Office. More...
Kantar OPS Anyone who signs up with AT&T and thinks better of it will be hounded mercilessly by these (630 505 3008) and other telehasslers trying to "win them back." Some people rob you with a fountain pen, then waste your time with a telephone. More...
Recording (408) 886-6270, calls and plays an annoying recording to whoever picks up the phone.
ACE Corp Will play a recording in your ear from 818-870-8169. "Attention business owner..." identifies a gang with no respect for others.
CTC Marketing 231-224-2054 calls are moronic recordings of sleazy sales pitches. So irritating are these jerks that a Michigan insurance co with the same name was forced to place a disclaimer on the opening of its website. shows they are discarding phone numbers in sequence as callers block them.
AETR Bucketshop "alternative energy" fax hustlers who prey on folks with no knowledge of physics. Another bucketshop tipster fax giving eBay a bad reputation.
800-567-7869 Bucketshop stock tipsters touting flyblown stock called No reputable company raises capital by hiring telehasslers with no address.
1-866-799-1451 Insurance hustlers, June 2006. To eliminate, set your modem dialer to call the toll-free number every 40 seconds. Recidivists.
or 886-0006
Sunrise Service Associates, 3322 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, MO 65807. Forwarding these calls to politicians might help end them.
972-661-8208 VMI on your caller ID means a recorded voice trying to sell you credit card scams.
877-822-4729 Integrated Media Holdings is the topic of a cheap bucketshop tipster hustle burning up someone else's fax paper
613-733-0000 The same insurance hustlers keep burning up our supplies and invading our worktime. Turns out they use Protus IP Solutions
2379 Holly Lane, Suite 210, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1V 7P2 in violation of 47 U.S.C. 227(b)(1)(C) [italic text added in the CAN SPAM Act of 2003] More...
613-733-0000 Ext 525 (Tom Martin, CFO, Use the link to join the lawsuit.
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