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Translations and Writings for Sale Some I am publishing myself at and, others are better suited for the publishing industry. Farther down are large translations with attribution.
America's Black President, by Monteiro Lobato, 1926 As I write, Obama has just taken the state of Mississippi in the Democratic Party primaries, against his white, female opponent. Monteiro Lobato wrote of this possibility in 1926, and the reprint of O Presidente Negro is selling like wildfire all over Brazil. I have undertaken to translate the text into 1926 English, and can provide side-by-side samples to publishers or venture capitalists interested in backing its publication. The iron is hot, and this is not the sort of opportunity that knocks a second time. More....
How to Fillet Flounder This work-in-progress is a set of step-by-step instructions in English for cutting perfect boneless fillets from flounder. Works for halibut, sole and similar flatfish. Format: color booklet with video demonstrations. The text is written and photographic and video material is ready for the presses. Watch my Food Industry link.
Prohibition and The Crash
Why the Crash and Great Depression? Economists claim nobody  knows, but this unusual book covers money-laundering for the bootleg liquor market plus the relation between narcotics traffic in Europe and its colonies and reparations payments under the Treaty of Versailles. Sample the second edition at  --by J Henry Phillips
As Razoens da Inconfydência Mineira, by Antonio Torres, 1924. Motives for Mutiny in Minas. This 102 pp. 23,000 word English version contains follows the original format exactly. Written as an apologia for Tiradentes' anti-imperial independence movement of 1792, the book is a polemical Brazilian attack on all things Portuguese. Heavily footnoted with excerpts going back 2 centuries in 3 languages, Torres offers a glimpse of ideology underlying another Coolidge-era nationalist movement just prior to the revolution that brought the Getúlio Vargas régime to power. Includes a potpourri of historical financial documents. Serious publisher inquiries only, please. Ask for excerpts in both languages. 
Translation for sale: Lysander Spooner No Treason--A Constitution of No Authority, as Sem Traição -- A Constituição Despida de Autoridade. Lysander Spooner's fiery 1869 broadside against the very roots of the Constitution in reaction to the excesses of Reconstruction, translated into bombastic, polemical Portuguese--but with modern spelling and grammar. 17,500 words formatted for quick binding into a 29 pp. reading volume. Email me for excerpts in both languages. 
Man's Rights; The Nature of Government; What is Capitalism; Anthem; translated as Dos Direitos da Pessoa Humana; Da Natureza do Governo; O Que é o Capitalismo; Viver! (em obras): from the philosopher who taught that a right is a moral claim to freedom of action. Ask for samples. 
US Constitution in Portuguese - Constituição dos EEUU em português An ongoing effort to produce a modern Brazilian Portuguese rendering which accurately transmits the letter, spirit and nuance of the foundation of all American law. Criticism and suggestions are welcome; difficulties are highlighted in red. -- É um trabalho contínuo esse esforço no sentido de verter para Português moderno brasileiro todo o texto, o espírito e a nuance deste alicerce do direito dos Estados Unidos. Críticas e sugestões são acolhidas com carinho; as dificuldades aparecem frisadas em vermelho.
Published Works - Obras publicadas These are larger translations--works for hire done as professional projects
Seguem algumas traduções de maior envergadura, executadas como projetos profissionais.
CAPOEIRA In the Texts from Brazil series, this full-size softcover examines the entire history of Brazilian capoeira in 18 chapters. An ex-capoeira, I co-organized the first "roda" in Austin Texas in 1990. Translator attribution 60k
This sumptuous and lavishly-illustrated coffee-table book comes with a glossy concrete-finish slip case and weighs 3 lbs... 193 pp. pf photos, drawings and the Architect's life work in three languages--a Ministry of External Relations project. Translator attribution 500k
The Brazilian Crisis
Where is Brazil Going?

50 kb cover image
International Journal of Political Economy, WINTER 2000-01 issue, Vol 30 No 4: a collection of political economy essays published by M.E. Sharpe. Authors include Fabrício Augusto de Oliveira, Paulo Nakatani, Reinaldo Gonçalves; Rosa Maria Marques, Liana Carleial and Manoel Luiz Malaguti on everything from the Real Plan to the labor market. 70 kb translator attribution.
 Brazil and the World System
40k cover image
University of Texas Press, 1991 hardbound; Richard Graham-Ed. "Brazil in the Old Colonial System" - 46 pp. essay by Fernando A Novais dissecting the colony-metropolis structure of imperial mercantilism, with translator attribution.
Latin America on the Road to ECO-EFFICIENCY 34k cover image Inter-American Center for Sustainable Development-CEDES, 1998 illustrated hardbound; Azucena Garza-Ed. BRAZIL section chapters on Aracruz Cellulose, Bayer, Companhia Petroquímica do Sul, Cia. Siderúrgica de Tubarão, CVRD, GM, Odebrecht, Petrobrás, Usiminas & White Martins, with translator attribution
A Wood Shingler's Handbook Drawing on over 20 years' experience from Canadian cedar mills to construction in Texas & Colorado, this book in progress covers tools, tricks, & techniques from estimating to completion of new, reroof and repair projects involving wooden shingles and shakes. Slowly being posted at --by J Henry Phillips 
 Dome Cookbook of Geodesic Geometry--by David Kruschke, 2nd Edition; attribution, reviews (40k JPG images)  While an engineering student, I sent in so many suggestions to clarify the calculations in this hand-drawn Buckminster Fuller spherical trigonometry booklet that the author gave me a "special thanks" attribution. Independently I have calculated the xyz coordinates for some of these domes, suitable for structural analysis using STRUDL programs. I can also produce styrofoam mock-ups of the beryllium layer for fission bombs, suitable for adventure movie props.

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