J Henry Phillips 

Austin, Texas--Curitiba Paraná
Recent Projects Some of the work I do is not confidential at all. It is intended to be seen by anyone who cares to look. Smaller projects can be seen on my Schedule of Availability.
Family law article Page down for the article "Temporary Custody under Presumptive Paternity" as posted. Because there was some intervention by nonnative speakers of English, I am requesting permission to post an "as translated" version.
Memory technologies website Website for an Austin-based computer memory company, Portuguese version. Thelma did most of the work on this one, and was so appalled at the posted version that I took down the link. We will try to get the html corrected.
Beltwide Cotton Conference January 2009: Spent four days interpreting presentations and panel discussions of Roundup-Ready cotton, aphids, borers, boll weevils and herbicide-resistant weeds in San Antonio. International Conference Services handled everything.
Corpus Christi district court I spent the better part of two weeks in November 2008 interpreting a case involving an oil tanker. The material involved dealt with enviroregs, oily water separators, sounding logs and oil record book data.
Oscar Niemeyer book The Oscar Niemeyer book I translated into English is now in print. The www.mre.gov.br website apparently provides no information on how to purchase this most sumptuous of prize-winning coffeetable books.
Downhole wireline tools and gold mining safety I spent two weeks in June, 2008, interpreting instructions and practice in assembly, breaking down and redressing of Halliburton's Downhole Power Unit and HE3 plug (certificate in Credentials). This was followed by a week of Industrial Health classwork for Kinross, a gold mining company.
Capoeira book The capoeira book I translated for the Brazilian government is now in print.
Brazilian government website articles I've done several website articles for the Brazilian government recently, but am not sure where or if they've even been posted.
Usability Engineering website, Curitiba When people click for the English version, they see my work. The field is not my expertise and there was considerable give-and-take with their amazingly competent talent to get it just right.
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