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Published Works - Obras publicadas These are larger translations--works for hire done as professional projects
Seguem algumas traduções de maior envergadura, executadas como projetos profissionais.
Money Laundering through Art
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This is a criminal law and international treaty perspective of money-laundering by Brazilian superior court judge Fausto Martins de Sanctis published by and available on The book unfolds the entire panoply of laws and treaties and examines European, Brazilian and US case law giving historical background. I translated this book in August and September of 2012. Training as a banking interpreter at the IC² Institute in Austin, Texas, helped a lot.
Brazilian Residences Abroad
Another beautifully bound coffeetable book hot off the presses in June 2013. Because I majored in Architecture and Architectural Engineering my Freshman year, I got the assignment. This gorgeously illustrated book portrays Brazil´s diplomatic residences all over the world, inside and out. Click for full credits page PDF
Niemeyer, Oscar
with translator attribution
A beautifully bound coffeetable book with photographs, pictures and arrows celebrating the Brazilian architect's 100th birthday. Prepared by Brazil's Ministry of External Relations, it is a text and visual tour of Oscar Niemeyer's major works over several decades.
with translator attribution
This is Texts from Brazil #14 published September 2008 by Brazil's Ministry of External Relations. A compendium of current knowledge about this African-Brazilian martial arts style developed in captivity. Most surprising is new historical information on the War on Capoeira, assembled by Frederico José de Abreu, and The Black Guard, by Carlos Eugênio Líbano Soares. Read it online by clicking the link.
The Brazilian Crisis
Where is Brazil Going?

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International Journal of Political Economy, WINTER 2000-01 issue, Vol 30 No 4: a collection of political economy essays published by M.E. Sharpe. Authors include Fabrício Augusto de Oliveira, Paulo Nakatani, Reinaldo Gonçalves; Rosa Maria Marques, Liana Carleial and Manoel Luiz Malaguti on everything from the Real Plan to the labor market. 70 kb translator attribution.
 Brazil and the World System
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University of Texas Press, 1991 hardbound; Richard Graham-Ed. "Brazil in the Old Colonial System" - 46 pp. essay by Fernando A Novais dissecting the colony-metropolis structure of imperial mercantilism, with translator attribution.
Latin America on the Road to ECO-EFFICIENCY
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Inter-American Center for Sustainable Development-CEDES, 1998 illustrated hardbound; Azucena Garza-Ed. BRAZIL section chapters on Aracruz Cellulose, Bayer, Companhia Petroquímica do Sul, Cia. Siderúrgica de Tubarão, CVRD, GM, Odebrecht, Petrobrás, Usiminas & White Martins, with translator attribution