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Q&A Questions people ask... Perguntas que as pessoas fazem...
Will you e-mail us the certified translation as an attachment? I am researching this, as federal rules are changing. Most of what I produce are paper translations stamped and initialed on the back of each sheet, but you will certainly receive at least two copies. Because we are sometimes in another country, we are trying to arrange translation exchanges with other translators certified by ATA examination from Portuguese into English, but right now a judge or attorney would have to request an electronic certified translation, and it would still include the originals.
Do you also translate Spanish to English? Yes I also translate Spanish-language birth, marriage and death certificates into English as certified translations. And I am certified from Spanish into English by ATA examination.
Will I get a postal tracking number?
In the US I buy a postal receipt showing sender and addressee. It shows the exact date when I sent the translation at the post office, and the destination. Express mail costs about ten times as much as first-class mail, and overnight courier service about thirty times as much. Mail from Brazil to the US takes about ten days no matter what.
I own a translation agency and we need a birth certificate translated Sorry, but no. I only do those for the owners of the documents, their relatives or attorneys. How much do you charge for a birth certificate translation? Ask me again when both of us are looking at the same document.
I am instructed to get what they call a "word-for-word" translation Sorry, but that expression is a non-objective label invented to deny licences to foreign practitioners by claiming there is something wrong with the translation of their professional qualifications. I do thought-for-thought and meaning-for-meaning translations. Computers do word-for-word substitutions and you can see the unwanted results everywhere. Under no circumstances will I translate documents to be submitted to gatekeeper organizations tasked with excluding foreign practitioners from Canada or the State of New Mexico.
I am instructed to get what they call a
" translation
Sorry, but in the industry "literal" is synonymous with "incompetent" and no legitimate agency or certified translator advertises or offers such a thing. Only gatekeeper organizations whose job it is to keep foreign competitors out of the profession use such terminology in requirement stipulations that they are careful to hide from search engines. (The image on the right, click to magnify, is a search made October 11, 2013). Medical practitioners are urged to report conspiracy offences against Canada's Competition Act to the Competition Bureau, Canada´s antitrust enforcement agency.
I am an attorney and need my client's personal documents translated Fine. Please fax or provide images of the documents, tell me when you want them delivered and include your contact info. Scanned images may be sent to  which accepts large files. I can also provide you the names of other attorneys familiar with my work, and I do accept credit cards.
I need a sworn translation for the Brazilian government If by that they mean tradução juramentada, Thelma Sabim has the license and title of Public Translator and Business Interpreter. Ask at your nearest Brazilian Consulate whether they must handle the document first. Sometimes they "legalize" a document for a fee as part of the procedure for producing the official translation. There is a similar procedure for a power-of-attorney binding in Brazil.

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